Friday, March 5, 2010

Special Delivery

Today we went to the market to do some food shopping for the families we support. Some of these pictures were taken by Saja (see blog entry "Babies don't belong in Prison"), he did such a good job! Maybe I should give him some training. Anyways, enjoy this little break from my spewing of words.

The Market Crew

Holding hands with my little cuddlebug


Trusty Land Rover

Nokia learning to count money and make purchases

Guess what we're talking about? You'll never guess.
Okay... we're talking about how much we want to be like Jason Bourne.

Sia and Jade

P Jimmy

Alias and Chiada

A fruit stand. Yum.

Typical street in Mae Sot

Jade takin some pics

Sweaty, dirty, happy

We hired this guy to lug our groceries and kids

That kid with the hat isn't ours. His dad just put him there.

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Donna K. F. Howe said...

Dear Katie,
It looks like you are really serving
happily and wholeheartedly. As I write I am praying for you and all the little ones and their families that have been put by God in your care. What a Christian you are being I hope they respond to the Gospel in action. LOVE, DONNA HOWE