Sunday, March 14, 2010


Burma is so close. Yet it is so far. If only I could reach out and touch it. If only I could reach in and help those who so desperately need it.
March 14. Global day of prayer for Burma. I want everyone to be praying today. But, not just today. Everyday. Is that selfish? No. I believe it is our duty.
My friends, before I was blind. I was unaware of the horrors Satan brings. Now I see that he is a trickster; he is a bearer of rotten, selfish, deathly gifts. I refuse to let him take my joy. Please don't mind that I'm processing this in writing. I'm getting this off of my shoulders. This is what blogs are for right?
The Karen, Chin, and Arakan people are suffering. Their government has deemed them unclean, and they are attempting to wipe out these rich cultures and beautiful people. The Burma army has entered peaceful villages and destroyed them. They move about the country burning, raping, torturing, and enslaving the defenseless. It is a war against civilians. This is in my front yard.

River between Burma and Thailand

Today in church we were having a time of intercessory prayer for Burma, and we watched a movie made by the Free Burma Rangers (a group that helps to bring supplies and relief into dangerous parts of Burma) and they showed footage of the people, the injury, and the land. They interviewed one man who was talking about how he viewed the Burmese army. He said that at first he hated them. He despised them. They had killed his brother, his mother, and his father. They had burned down his village and he had nothing because of them. Yet, as God worked in his life, he grew to love them and forgive them. He now has compassion on the Burmese soldiers. When he looks at them, he sees a human being that God loves and who Jesus died for. I wish that I could be so strong and devoted as to see my enemies in that light.
Praise God that He has replaced bitterness and hatred with love and compassion.
Please pray for the conflict in Burma. Pray for the people and for the leaders. Pray that there would be intercession and peace. Personally, I pray that God will use me in this time. My heart has been burdened for these people who are undergoing the unthinkable, and I am open to the Spirit leading me to where I am most needed.
This Karen boy lives in a refugee camp and is able to attend school

for more information visit Pray for Burma.

Thank you for being part of my journey.

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Irene said...

On the FreeBurmaRangers website there are a few videos. Was one of these the one shown at your church? Which one?