Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Compasio's website has been fixed! If you care to visit simply click here now, when you click the donate button you will be able to specify the funds to go to my account. yay!

So support raising was going great, but now it is starting to slow down. That means I need to get the ball rolling again. I have about $300 per month as of right now. I need $400 more! I trust that God will provide the people and resources for me to go out into the world and love those who are in need.

I purchased my plane ticket on Tuesday. My official day of departure is January 26. I am so excited! God is truly working and providing.

Until then, I have a few things going on. I'll be working my hiny off (I work at the JC Penny portrait studio and Sees candy) until Christmas day. I'll be going to Urbana with Modesto Covenant Church.
January will be a time of building relationship with the congregation at River 47 and sharing with other churches in the area about what I'll be doing.

That's all for now! Please pray for me as I raise support and prepare myself for Thailand. I appreciate you!!!



small side note...
My roomate from INSIGHT got married this weekend. Alyssa and Kyle Johnson had a beautiful wedding in Fremont, California. They are an amazing couple who are so driven to bring the Kingdom to the unreached.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Questions and Concerns

I have gotten a few questions regarding support. If you're reading this it's probably because you've received a support letter. If you haven't yet received one, let me know and I will get it to you asap!

Now for the questions...
Some are concerned about giving online because there is not a place to designate who you would like the funds to go to. Compasio is currently working to fix this, but in the meantime, you can send a email along with your paypal donation letting them know that the money is to support Katie Pham.

If you want to give via mail monthly, I can email you the document that has the support stub printout. That just is for safety so that they know exactly who the check is for.

Your donations are tax deductible! You can attach a note saying you would like a receipt and they will send one to you.

Thanks to all my friends and family in supporting me in this adventure. I'm so excited to see how God is going to work in my life and the lives of those I meet.
My flight is booked for January 25 :)

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email me!



Monday, November 9, 2009


ฉันย้ายไปประเทศไทยในเดือนมกราคม! ฉันตื่นเต้นเพื่อให้ขั้นตอนต่อไปนี้ในชีวิตของฉัน. พระเจ้าจะทำสิ่งที่วิเศษ!

Well. I can't read this yet. (But it looks impressive huh?) It says: I'm moving to Thailand in January! I am so excited for this next step in my life. God is doing amazing things!

I've wanted to be a missionary since I was in high school. While I was at INSIGHT I learned just how important it is that we as Christians, disciples of Christ, take on the task of reaching the nations for Christ. There are still so many people who have never heard the name of Jesus! I know there is nothing else I can do but serve the Lord Jesus by reaching His lost children.

Over the summer I felt God tugging at my heart and urging me to go overseas. I looked into joining a number of organizations, but none of them really seemed to fit until I discovered a small group called Compasio. They are a branch off of YWAM working in Thailand with Burmese immigrants. Their main focus is helping children and widows who are unable to provide for themselves unless they prostitute themselves or are sold into slavery.

As I read about Compasio and talked to them, I knew that God wanted me to be there working alongside this small team. I was accepted and I'm making plans to join them in their mission in January.

I have a few goals for my time there.
One major purpose is exposure. I have never lived overseas and I would just like the experience of what it is like to fit into another culture and communicate with people who have opposing worldviews.
Another goal I have is to observe. Because I feel called to work overseas, I want to see what the people need most (besides Jesus of course) do they need someone who is skilled in agriculture? Do they need medical care? Do they need awareness raised? What can I do to most effectively help them?
My last objective is simply to love people who are unlovable. The Burmese people are displaced. They do not fit anywhere, many of them have been persecuted by the government and have had family members murdered. They are the very definition of living without hope. I want to love them with Christ's love. To show them that there is a God who loves and cares for them.

Please pray for me as I prepare to travel to Thailand. I am going to be raising support and sharing with friends and family about what I will be doing. Pray that God will open up the doors and provide the financial aid for me to continue in this mission. Thank you so much!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Stand

Our last event of the summer was Beach Day. over 120 people packed into SUV's and vans to drive 2 1/2 hours to Santa Cruz. We had a day of fun in the sun, and as the day came to a close, we sang a few worship songs together. I may have been feeling somewhat emotional already due to the fact that this was my last event with Modesto Covenant, but I wasn't aware of how God was going to work to show me one last reminder that He is always present. The Students were shouting out songs that they would like to hear, and one student said, "let's sing the stand!". Now, The Stand is one of my favorite worship songs, and we were sitting on the beach with the sun setting in front of us, prime time to worship God.

Scott began to strum the chords and as we neared the chorus, I opened my eyes to find that all of the students were standing, with their arms raised high above them, worshiping the Lord unashamed. Instantly the tears flowed. I knew that God had done something amazing this summer. Even if sometimes it felt like I wasn't doing such a great job of showing Christ's love, they were there in the moment worshiping Jesus 100%. It was such a gift, such a joy, just what a youth worker dreams of their students to do.

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to serve the high schoolers in Modesto. Thank you that I was able to speak of you and what you're doing. Be with them God, show them how much you love them. Replace the fear of standing for you with joy and pride. Protect them this year, let them fall more in love with you so they can be a light to the lost.

I'll stand, with arms high, and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all
I'll stand, my soul Lord to you surrendered
All I am is yours.
All I am is yours.
What can I say? And what can I do?
But offer this heart completely to you...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


While I was at INSIGHT, I dealt with an almost constant level of stress and there was always a deadline to meet, there was always something to write, read, or answer. I almost feel like while I was there, I forgot why I was doing it. In the Spring, I was faced with a final. We had 4 midterms and 4 finals. Each one was challenging and stressful. As I was walking to one of the finals, I felt so burdened. I silently cried out to God, asking Him to give me peace. As I turned the corner to enter the building, a beautiful butterfly flew in front of me, leading me to the door. At once, my heart slowed from the pounding. I caught my breathe. I felt God walking next to me, leading me through the door. I got through the test. I got a good grade.

That butterfly appeared a few more times, once as I was about to get my grade, and other opportune moments when I felt I was about the break and crumble to the ground beyond repair. To think that God cares for me, and loves me so much that He would send me a sign of peace through that butterfly.

Yesterday I sent in an application to a missions organization called Compasio. I had been praying that God would show me what would come next, and I felt a strong call to go overseas in January. Each organization I was interested in didn't seem to be quite the right fit. I heard about Compasio and felt an immediate draw towards it. So I filled out the forms and sent them in. I'm not sure if I'll be accepted or not, but let me tell you what happened today.

I was walking to my office here in Modesto, thinking about going to Thailand, and a butterfly flew past me, lingered for a while, then continued on his way.

I remembered that no matter what happens, God has got me. He is always by my side, walking with me every step of the way. I don't know if I will be serving with Compasio, or YWAM, or Frontiers, but no matter what, I am going to be serving God, and that is all that matters.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's next?

Okay so I did a horrible job of posting while at school. We can all accept the fact and move forward. I learned SO MUCH at INSIGHT. It was by far the best year of my life. However, if you had asked me while I was there, I would probably talk your ear off about how much reading we had, how I was about to die from stress, and I probably would have to dash off without warning to write outlines for an upcoming test or paper. Overall though, Wow. The friendships I made, the things I learned, the people I met, how my life changed: irreplaceable. If you have a high school or college student who doesn't know what to do next then send em to Insight!

As I type, I am sitting in Modesto, California. Also known by the alias "armpit of California". Why am I here? I was offered an internship by Modesto Covenant Church, and it has been such a great summer! I work with the high school students, teaching, planning events, hanging out with kids, etc. My time here has gone by so quickly, but I have so many experiences and stories under my belt.

I'm still working on what will be next, I promise I will let you know as soon as plans are finalized. I don't know for sure what will happen, but I know that I am at peace, because my Father in Heaven is going to take care of me every step of the way.

Thanks for reading!