Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Since I'm working in a city which is predominantly Burmese, I have decided to study Burmese before I try to tackle Thai. There are very few Burmese books or online tutors, which made it difficult for me to start learning in the States. Since I've arrived here, I've been picking up so many Thai words and phrases that it seemed unlikely I would be able to learn Burmese first. However, things have changed and I have started taking lessons from a friend. Hin Bai is a newly married, young, beautiful, and Godly Burmese woman that I met through my friends here at Compasio. She speaks English quite well and is such a gifted teacher.
I just finished my second lesson with her, in which I learned to construct small sentences. She is teaching me to write, read, and speak. We meet for one hour each day, so, I am well on my way to become a Burmese speaker. Easier said than done though. Have you seen their letters or ever heard a Burmese conversation?

I would appreciate prayer as I begin to climb this unpaved mountain.


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