Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My Birthday is on June 14. I'll be a whopping 20. It's really strange to me that I am... old. I know! I know! It's not old, but it's old for someone who's been a teenager for the past 6 years. For my birthday, I'm asking that you pray for some things that are close to my heart. I would appreciate it, you would be spending time with God, your prayers have power, and it's free. What do you say???

  • pray for the Church in Burma- I've gotten to meet many Burmese pastors from Burma and Mae Sot and i see how devoted they are, even through difficult trails. Pray that they will be strengthened and empowered to spread the Gospel.
  • pray for the Compasio kids (Asha, Alias, Saja, Nokia, Chaida, Simila, Ali, Jamila, Baby, Ni Ni, Birdy, Yao Min, Se Mao Mao, and Y Y)- that they will remember and honor their identities as Burmese Muslims, yet be a lover and follower of Jesus Christ. Pray for their future lives as they grow and pray for Compasio as we make decisions which will affect their lives.
  • Please for for my spiritual life- sometimes I am very overwhelmed by injustice, and I forget that God is sovereign over all. Pray that I will let love guide my life and that I will place serving Jesus above all things.
  • Pray for me as I am nearing 6 months (halfway mark!) in Thailand. That the Spirit will guide me as I seek what is next in my life.
  • Pray for the Burmese government leaders- Burma is a broken country that is collapsing in on itself. Pray that there will be conviction and repentance among the leaders of Burma and that they will seek reconciliation with the people they have persecuted
  • pray for the Church in America- that Christ and his mission will be at the center of all that is done. Pray for a revival of the Spirit, that the people of God will feel convicted to act with love and compassion against injustice, whether it is in their lives, in their neighborhood, or on the other side of the world

That's it. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

my birthday is also on June 14th! I have never met anyone else with a Flag Day birthday other than my twin brother! happy (almost) 20th birthday, friend! I will be 23 this year, and I will be keeping you in my prayers. I love what you're doing and reading your blog :]

Katie G said...

hey jeneca thanks! Hope you had a great birthday :) thanks for reading!!