Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you have Jesus?

Today I had my first 'Jesus' Burmese conversation outside of my Burmese class and Church. Granted, it was between a six year old and me, but it was interesting, and heartbreaking non the less.

Si Mao Mao is six years old and lives in the prison baby home. His mom was released from prison right before I arrived in Mae Sot. I'm pretty sure that he has a history of past abuse from his father, and from what I can see, he and his mother don't have much of a connection.

We were sitting on the porch today talking (in Burmese! I've hit a breakthrough where I can carry on a Burmese conversation :]) and he said,
"P Katie, do you have Jesus in your heart?"
"Yes." I replied, "Do you?"
"No." He answered, "I don't have him in my heart." He had the saddest, most rejected look on his face.
"Si Mao Mao. You can have Him. He loves you." I told him, stating love in a way that is expressed between friends, parents, and siblings.
He simply shook his head.
"Si Mai Mao, Jesus loves you." This time I used a word for love that is special, the kind of love that only God has for us.
His face reflected confusion and he said, "Love? I don't know that kind of love."
We sat in silence for a few moments.
"Have you seen Jesus?" Si Mao Mao asked me
"Yes." I said, though I couldn't elaborate further, my vocabulary is not that extensive.
"I have seen Him!" Si Mao Mao stood up and illustrated with his hands, "I was sleeping and I heard him say 'Si Mao Mao!' I looked, and I saw Him, Jesus!"
"I don't know... over there." He gestured towards the sky.

He wandered off. He is six years old after all.

I think I'm going to have one of the interns that Si Mao Mao has admiration and love for talk to him. He could do a better job than I at explaining how one comes to have Jesus in his life, especially to a six year old Burmese boy.

Will you pray for Si Mao Mao? Pray that he will know that he is loved more than he can imagine, even though he may feel unloved by his mother and father. He is in first grade. He's so smart, able to speak Thai and Burmese fluently, and bits of English. He's a treasure, and I pray that he will know it.

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