Saturday, August 18, 2012

Moving On

Freedom is a wonderful thing.
I am so thankful that in my life right now, I have complete freedom. There is nothing keeping me to any one place, I have every right to go where I want, to do what I want, to be who I want. I guess the truth is that we all have this ability, but most of us are tied with strings that seem imposible to sever. So here's the crux of this post. I'm here in Denver, and I have decided to stay.
My new friends Win and Lin (twins from Burma). They've been in America for about a month.

From the first week of being here, I felt a sense of peace, a desire deep in my heart that if I did choose to stay here, God would use me. So I began to pray for a way to be made, and, like He often does, He knew the desires of my heart and opened the doors.

 VBS with Kant (Burmese), Chipachu (Karen), and Harold (from Honduras) 

As time went on I received confirmation. First, a community of Mon refugees reached out to me and asked for help which would open the doors for me to be part of their lives long term. Then, my job in California was extremely supportive of me transferring to Denver. Not long after this, I received a job offer from the photo company I used to work for. Even though they had already hired for the season, they wanted me to join their Denver team. Next, I received a very specific vision for what I hope will become the glue holding me here in Denver. I sought out the blessing of my parents and the organization that I have been working with this summer. Now, everything seems to be sealed. I'll be starting work next week and will be moving into an apartment in the refugee neighborhood in September.
(Jose and his friend reaping the benefits of the food bank) 

It's amazing how something which started as a whisper and a secret desire has culminated into a web of opportunities. I feel so blessed, so ready to begin this new chapter in my life. I am, however, sad to be saying goodbye to the relationships I've made in Orange County over the past year and a half. I'm kind of scared, but I know that fear is a temporary feeling. There is no place for it here.

If you feel led to pray, I would appreciate it. You can specifically lift up the relationships I've established this summer, that they would continue to grow. Please pray for my housing situation, that God would provide a safe and affordable place for me to live.

Thank you so much :)
(A summer evening at the park) 
(Harold & Ande (From Honduras) with my friend Vincent (from Rwanda)
(Our back to school party) 

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