Friday, January 14, 2011

caring for our brothers and sisters

I want to introduce you to three girls who have changed my life.

Elli is 21 years old and working at Mae Tao Clinic as a nurse in the surgery department. She is Motabi Chin and the only one of her siblings living in Thailand. She loves singing worship songs and spending time with her friends from church. She has been one of the most faithful friends I've ever had. Every time I've been sick she's taken care of me, making sure I have all the right medicines and doing everything she can to bring down my fever. She is about to begin a 2 year training school so she can advance in her medical knowledge. During these two years she will live at the boarding house with many students. They have no running water and no place to cook.

Partay is 18 years old and Elli's cousin. She is about to graduate from the local migrant school. She is smart and has a sense of humor. Her family lives in Rangoon and she dreams of studying in India and teaching migrant and refugee children about Jesus and His love.

Yao Min So is 14 years old. Her family is quite poor. They live across the river in Burma. Her father is a pastor who struggles to make ends meet. Elli and Partay have been supporting her so she can go to school and have an education here in Thailand.

The reason I'm telling you about them is because they need help. Elli was the main support for this small family and now that she is studying, she will no longer be paid by Mae Tao. I am leaving for America so I cannot stay and look out for Partay and Yao Min So. Elli will be moving to the boarding house when I leave and the two younger girls will move in with an older Chin lady. With Elli unable to make money, the two younger girls will have no one to support their rent and food money. I told Elli that I would make a way for them to continue living and studying in Thailand.

It will only cost $99 a month to support these girls. Their rent money is $66 a month and $33 will cover the remaining expenses of food, household items, and emergency medicines they may need.

I want to know if you are interested in helping these girls. They have many things set against them, but I've lived with them and seen that they have the potential and dreams to be more than what's culturally expected.

I know it's a long shot but $99 a month isn't much. I will be supporting them either way, but I thought that it would be a blessing if other people wanted to be involved in the lives of these beautiful girls.

Send me an email if you are interested in helping.

thank you so much.


Katie, Elli, Partay, and Yao Min So

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I. Pham said...

These are the "sisters" you've been referring to for the past few months?