Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's me. It's been almost a month since I've written anything new. It's partly because I don't want to waste your time with junk but also partially because I've been really busy. So... just be warned that I have no spectacular story of heroism, just a quick update to let you know that I'm still alive.

In the past month... (bullet points if I may?)
  • I moved! My two friends I were living with and I parted ways, Pim moved to Bangkok and Steph moved into a place closer to the office. I had actually been feeling like I wanted to be more immersed in Burmese so this came as a perfect opportunity. I was hooked up with 3 Chin girls from Church and I moved in. We have a really great time. They are really sweet and patient with helping me learn Burmese. I feel like I've improved so much already.

In the past week....
  • My old old OLD friend from childhood came to Thailand for a quick visit. Amanda and I have been friends since age 8. It was so cool to hang out with her and show her my life here.

Wednesday I drove up to Chiang Mai

Friday we came back down to Mae Sot

Saturday we went back to Chiang Mai

and Monday I came back to Mae Sot. I am tired just typing that...
To bad Thailand is so ugly... what a bust having to drive back and forth ;)

In the past day...
  • Compasio has begun an internship training for Burmese community engagement workers. Each week focuses on a different topic, this week we are learning about the Father Heart of God. What an amazing seminar! It's something powerful to know, truly know in your heart, that the God of the universe is your Father and loves you with a perfect love.

In the past hour...
  • I woke up, took a quick bucket shower, got dressed, and went to 7-11 to buy more minutes for my cell phone. As I was getting on my motor bike to go to the office, I spotted 2 of my friends who were stopped by the police. I quick ran over, for some reason it helps to have a western face present when 2 illegal Burmese people are stopped by the police. I stood there with them, and waited as the policeman continued to direct traffic. They ended up with just a ticket.
  • I'm gonna scarf down this bowl of raman noodles and quick rush over to the training.
Hope everyone is doing well... and by everyone I mean the people who read this... like you mom. Hi.

Off to be wrapped in the arms of my loving Father and to use the blessings He's given me to be a blessing to those around. Care to join me?


Tim Woodruff said...

Katie, you are a breath of fresh air for me at the end of an incredibly long and tiring day. God bless you!

Cousin Tim

hswarden said...

Wow, I made it into Katie's blog! I feel so special. Must be the MOTHER heart of God drawing us close across all these miles. There are a lot of them, it seems to me lately.

Anonymous said...


I love your blogs. I have your Compasio card pinned to my wall at work so I get to see your happy cute little smile every day at work.

God Bless you!

Big D.

Murray Taylor said...

Jesus had 12 disciples...Katie already has 14 followers (on your blog). Must be doing something right. Hope the Father heart week is really spot on. Love the thought that our burmese neighbour had an advocate, even if it is just standing there. Stoked about the immersion move too, bama pyor ta deh, thei gaun deh no? ayan gyi! Peace...

themaboys said...

Hey Katie!

So Glad to hear you are doing well and staying strong in Christ. Amen, enjoy being wrapped in His loving arms. :)

God bless my friend,
Tim Ma