Saturday, May 15, 2010

why does nothing go as planned

I had a really great blog written and ready to be posted.

I had stayed up the night before and was late to dinner because I was so inspired. I saved it in a Microsoft Word document planning to post it the next morning.

As I booted up my computer and copied the text, my computer suddenly went blank.
I pushed the power button, and was faced with an overwhelming amount of scary numbers and letters. "uh.... help." I feebly called. No one in the office responded.

So. I had a great blog. It was inspiring and hilarious. It was informative and fun.

I hope that you'll be able to read it someday.

Until then, my laptop is in the shop and I'm clinging to the hope that the hard drive and my files can be saved. Here's to looking for a new computer.

...more later.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is anxiously awaiting to read it Katie :)

John Heyerdahl said...

Oops that wasn't supposed to be anonymous! hehe. Well PS I hope your computer is repaired back to normal.

Irene said...

If your computer was working, you would know from my status that on Thursday night I labored to enter,score, and calculate grades for every assignment of the semester in my Early Modern Literature class; prepared individualized progress report for each student, and then lost all the spreadsheets. Your creative work you can re-create; but your tedious drone work, you just have to tediously drone over again. Aaarrggggh.
Well, you will write another beautiful blog just as good. I know it.