Monday, February 1, 2010

Mae Sot

I have been so busy since I've arrived in Mae Sot. Meeting people, getting used to the city, moving into my room, spending time with the team and the kids. It's been such a blessing.

Today, I was at the market with one of the staff and a little girl came up to us begging. She had a baby strapped to her with a worn blanket and she was dirty and thin. My friend Pim told her in Thai that I was going to be working at the drop in center, immediately the girl's face broke into a grin and she gave me a hug.

Later I went to the drop in center and I saw the girl and her baby brother playing, being kids. Iimagined her life, waking up in the morning and begging for food, money, anything to bring home. She wanders the streets. During those few hours everyday she's able to come and eat. To play. To be a child. To be hugged and loved by us.

That's the story of every child we know. They have been abandoned or they're sent out to help sustain their family.

Being here even these past 2 days has changed me. I think differently. I see people differently. That little girl who is begging is desperate, but she's still a child who needs love and care. I wonder how many people glance over her, not giving her a second thought.

When I was in America, I would ignore people crying out for help. The bum on the corner. The kid sitting by himself at lunch. I could simply walk by. I don't think I can do that anymore. Can you?

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